Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fame at Last

Wow, guess who made the front cover of CompassSport this month. I think Nick got a little carried away, since I'm on page 2 and page 16 as well. The photo was taken at the final control at the HH Burnham Beeches event in March.

The JK has come and gone, and was a fantastic four days. The Assembly Areas are now dominated by club banners, and nearly every club now has one. This adds a lot of colour and atmosphere, and made it feel like each day was something special. As I write this Helen is at a JK2008 progress meeting where they will be trying to work out how we can do even better next year. Four more days of warm sunshine would be a good start.

And finally the CHIG event last Sunday that was noticeable for two things. Firstly it used master maps, a concept I thought had died out. This was the first time I have had to copy down my course for over 18 months, and I had forgotten how annoying it was. Second, and more important, we had a new family double. I won the brown and James won the white. The target now is for three family victories at an event if Helen can get her act together!

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Ollie said...

I was so distracted by preparing to copy down my course from the master maps that I forgot to punch the start. First time I've done that...