Thursday, August 16, 2007

WOC 2007: Your starter for 10

1) Which are the only two WOC races where Sweden, Norway and Finland all failed to win a medal? And which country won gold in both these races?

2) Name every country that has ever won a medal at WOC.

3) Which country has won a women's relay medal at every WOC?

4) Which of the previous three questions will have new answers after WOC 2007?

Answers to the first three questions will come in a post later this week. You might want to look around the Maprunner WOC Database to confirm if your guesses are right before then.

The answer to the fourth question will take a little longer...

Having completely failed to write anything interesting about the JK, various British Championships, FROLICS, and a whole host of other races it is suddenly WOC time again. Helen has decided that a week in the Ukraine will be fun so we will set of on Saturday for yet another week of hard spectating and sightseeing. Kiev promises to be a bit more exotic than some of the other WOC locations, but having already survived two separate trips to Russia and a week at WOC 1991 in Czechoslovakia we at least have a vague idea what to expect.

Watch this space for reports throughout the week (assuming I can get internet access) and a few more WOC questions and answers as well.

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