Saturday, August 05, 2006

WOC+7: Jamie Stevenson World Champion TM part 2

Well maybe not World Champion again, but a bronze medal in the Middle Race was a pretty impressive achievement. The crowd was crammed onto a steep slope overlooking a spectator control and the run-in. Crowd highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Swede who punched the spectator control and then followed the tapes the wrong way and started running the last loop backwards.

The tracking today showed a lot of quite critical errors, with several medal contenders making mistakes that cost critical seconds and even minutes. Thierry made a large error at number 4 that cost him the race, but several others threw away the gold medal as well. In the women's race it was another close call for Simone but she just held on.

In the afternoon we got a chance to try for ourselves and found quite how intricate the contours were. Strangely the area was very similar to parts of the North Downs (Leith Hill or Holmbury for example) and the Brits should certainly have felt at home.

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