Friday, August 18, 2006

WOC Results and Statistics

I've commented previously that it turned out to be very hard to find a good source of results for WOC. I'm looking at setting something up to allow a bit of research into how results have changed over the years and produce some statistics. Watch this space. Whilst doing this I have finally found a fantastic site with everything I needed. This is maintained by Bryan Teahan on behalf of the New Zealand Orienteering Federation.

And as a taste of what might be coming, how about this table. It is a full list of all GB runners who have reached the top 10 at the World Championships. Congratulations to Graham Gristwood and Helen Bridle who put themselves on the list in Denmark this year.

PosName% behindRaceYearCountry
1Jamie Stevenson0.00%Sprint2003Switzerland
1Yvette Baker0.00%Short1999Scotland
2Yvette Hague4.30%Long1995Germany
2Yvette Hague1.20%Short1995Germany
3Heather Monro7.00%Sprint2005Japan
3Jamie Stevenson0.50%Middle2006Denmark
3Yvette Hague5.90%Long1993United States
4Steve Hale3.90%Short1993United States
4Yvette Baker1.60%Long1999Scotland
5Jamie Stevenson3.40%Sprint2001Finland
6Helen Bridle7.60%Sprint2006Denmark
7Carol McNeill7.60%Long1979Finland
8Heather Monro4.40%Long1999Scotland
8Jamie Stevenson4.90%Long2004Sweden
8Steven Hale4.70%Short1999Scotland
8Yvette Hague7.30%Long1997Norway
9Graham Gristwood4.50%Sprint2006Denmark
9Heather Monro10.00%Middle2004Sweden
9Sarah Rollins10.10%Sprint2003Switzerland
9Yvette Hague9.10%Short1993United States
10Heather Monro15.50%Middle2003Switzerland

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